IRIS Glass Primer - Special primer for printing flat glass with UV inkjet inks
IRIS Glass Primer - Special primer for printing flat glass with UV inkjet inks
IRIS Glassprimer - forms an adhesion layer between flat glass and UV inkjet inks
IRIS Glassprimer - forms an adhesion layer between flat glass and UV inkjet inks


Usage and purpose

The liquid IRIS Glass Primer forms an adhesion promoting layer between flat glass and UV curing systems such as UV inkjet inks. The primer is applied directly to the glass surface. Once the solvent evaporates and all liquid residues are wiped off, a transparent layer is formed providing a perfect chemical bond between the glass structure and the UV-cured inkjet inks.


The correct application of the IRIS Glass Primer

Benefits of the IRIS Glass Primer

  • outstanding effect
  • superior UV-ink adhesion and moisture resistance
  • 100% transparent and crystal-clear
  • minimal odour
  • non-hazardous, does not need to be labelled, easy shipping!
  • high efficiency (min. 100m2 / 1000 square feet per 1000ml)
  • dries at room temperature
  • 1-component system, ready for application
  • ease of use
  • compatible with all UV-inkjet systems (LED and mercury vapor lamps)

Form of delivery

liquid, 1-component system, ready for application


250 ml / 500 ml / 1000 ml in lightproof plastic bottles, 5000 ml in canister, bulk at request


up to 12 months in sealed bottle. Use up open bottle quickly.
Store dark and cool at temperatures above zero degrees Celsius.
Keep bottles tightly closed and away from sunlight and heat.

IRIS Glass Primer Fact Sheet (pdf)


Happy customers in over 60 countries worldwide - from Afghanistan to Georgia to the USA, from South Africa to Nigeria to Finland and many countries in between - are successfully using our IRIS Glass Primer for UV-inkjet printing on flat glass.

Here is what they say about our IRIS Glass Primer:

“Mimaki Europe has tested the IRIS Glass Primer for the UV-LED curing products that we make and we have had very good adhesion results with this primer on different types of glass. We at Mimaki would recommend the IRIS Glass Primer to users that are having difficulty getting the right adhesion with UV-LED printing on their glass products."

Mike Horsten
former General Manager Marketing EMEA
Mimaki Europe B.V.


"When UV printing on a variety of materials and specially on glass you need a primer you can rely on. IRIS Glass Primer is the primer we choose to use."

Melanie Osborne
Special EFX Ltd
Stratford upon Avon, England


  • The use of protective gloves and glasses is recommended.
  • Determine the atmospheric side of the glass*) - not the tin side - and clean it thoroughly.
  • Use a lint free cloth or tissue to evenly and thinly apply wiping a small amount of IRIS Glass Primer.
  • Let sit and react and for 5 minutes.
  • Remove liquid residues entirely by wiping and polishing with a dry lint free cloth or tissue until the glass is completely dry and 100% clear. Larger glass panels can be polished residue-free with a polishing machine and a soft buffing disc (foam or felt-).
  • Finally print the primered glass with UV-inkjet inks.
  • Let the inks fully cure for 24 hours before further processing.
  • If required primered glass can be stored in dark for 24 hours prior to printing.

Processing instructions:

The glass surface to be treated and printed must be completely dry, free of dust, grease and other contamination. Do not apply IRIS Glass Primer at temperatures below +4 and above +50 degrees Celsius and at a humidity above 80% RH.

Possible hazards classification according to RL 1999/45/EG / according to regulation (EG) Nr. 1272/2008: no obligation for indication. Identification elements: none

At higher concentrations the glass primer can have a narcotic and irritating effect for the respiratory system. Care for good ventilation. The primer may cause skin- and eye irritation. The use of protective gloves and glasses is recommended.

Avoid motives with very little color as well as satinato- and etching effects since ink-overspray may negatively affect the result.

*) To identify the atmospheric side of the glass to be printed we recommend the TinCheck instrument by Bohle

TinCheck von Bohle

Tips for cleaning glass

Do not use glass cleaners containing tensides. Isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) is the most appropriate glass cleaning fluid. Finally rinse with destilled water and dry completely before applying the glass primer. Always apply the primer to the atmospheric side of the glass (not the tin side).


250 ml bottle 53,- Euro
500 ml bottle 92,- Euro
1000 ml bottle 155,- Euro
5 Liter canister 660,- Euro

All prices are net in Euro without VAT, handling & shipping.
20% VAT will be added if applicable. EU enterprises with valid VAT number and all other countries will not be charged VAT.
Please order by email. Make sure to send your correct shipping and billing address and the required primer quantity. If you are a company in the EU please also include the VAT number. We will send you our invoice kindly asking for advance bank transfer or PayPal payment. If you prefer to pay with PayPal please let us know. You will then get a separate request for payment by PayPal. All charges, expenses and taxes are to be carried by the customer. Once we have recieved the money we will ship the primer.

Handling & shipping costs:
Austria: 9,- Euro
EU: 20,- Euro up to 2kg total weight
all other amounts and countries on request

Shipping time within EU with federal Austrian parcel mail: 3-4 days after receipt of payment, all other countries on request. Express-shipment on demand.

IRIS Glass Primer is only sold directly online and not through any distributors or dealers. Please contact for your order.

Please note that we are seeing difficulties lately in email communications with customers using gmail accounts. Please use other email addresses than gmail when contacting us!

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